Hello, New Personal Business Card!


Check out my new personal business card!

I have had this idea for ‘name-tag’ style personal business cards for a few years now and it’s nice to see these actualized.

The More Personal Business Card

These are probably closer to a ‘calling card’, not a business card. I’m commonly meeting new people in pseudo-professional networking settings. I needed something distinct; something fast and remarkable that wasn’t too over the top.

I finalized this idea sometime last year while living and working in DC. I went to a lot of meetups, sometimes just as myself but often representing the agency I was working for. As a member or leader in a community this can be hard to avoid as your reputation becomes connected to the work you do and who you do it with.

During this time I learned to talk to people as ‘Casey Driscoll the Individual’ while balancing ‘Casey Driscoll the Agency Representative.’

Personal branding can be effective when done well, but highly detrimental when done poorly. I’m hoping to strike a good balance.

The Card

The 'Moo size' cards are more square shaped compared to a conventional business card. A good decision for personal business card.
The tasteful thickness.

I ordered 50 Luxe style rounded corner business cards for my trip to #RailsConf next week. These cards are super thick and even have a ‘Chili Red’ seam down the middle.

They are ‘Moo’ size, an unconventional 3.30 inches by 2.16 inches. This means the cards are slightly taller on the short side and slightly shorter on the tall side. (they are more blunt and square than a conventional 3.5″ x 2″ card).

I struggled with this decision a bit, but ultimately decided a personal business card should be a bit more unique, ya know?

The rounded corners for the Moo Luxe business cards are 5mm for anyone who cares about that. Took me forever to find that online.

The Design

The calling card design in Moo.com's Adobe Illustrator

Moo offers design templates for all of their cards. I downloaded the Illustrator file and loaded it up.

Writing the back was the hardest part. The copy has been a work in progress for years as I’ve been discovering my identity. It’s pretty challenging to learn how to describe yourself in a vacuum, but after getting experience in the field you learn how to differentiate yourself in context of the world around you.

I chose to focus on the concept of ‘polyglot.’ It took awhile to realize I like software for software’s sake, which is different than a lot of other programmers experience. Writing the back of the card actually helped me discover this and I’m hoping to expand on it in the future.

I thought I had the copy all set but then I found the recommendation for minimum 8pt font size on Moo’s website. That removed a lot of the words and I finally decided on the diamond design shown here.

I struggled to decide on the contact information to list, but I figured an email would also point people to this website, which would have more info. There was also whitespace left over to write things in if the new contact wanted more. I’m hoping the cleaner design is more effective than more info.

I liked the ultimate design so much I used it as the design foundation for this website. Black, white, and (hopefully) read all over. 🙂

The Case

I also got a really fancy card case that is probably too much. But it makes me feel special, so I’m keeping it. It only carries 9 of the Luxe cards at a time but they are very well protected. The black and red leather also matches the design, so this was an obvious buy.

I do question how much I’ll actually care the case when I’m out in public. I’ll obviously remember it for conferences and meetup events, but I doubt I would just take it with me when going out. So I also put a single card in my phone wallet case, which is a highly coveted slot, as it only carries four items (driver’s license, calling card, two credit cards).

The Conclusion

Moo’s quality, especially for the Luxe cards, is very top notch. You can even see their attention to detail in the shipping box on the upper right of the top photo.

I’ll definitely be buying these again, but maybe with some design tweaks. I think I’ll keep the design foundation for years but slowly evolve it.

All in all for a personal business card it’s very ‘me.’ It’s a simple and minimal design that I’m hoping will make a positive impression and will last me years to come.

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