Project: Ark of the Government


I’m looking to get some experience with Drupal and I need a project to help get me started.

Drupal is really popular in the US federal government as a content management system. I have a lot of experience in WordPress and other languages, so it should be relatively easy to fill the gaps.

I’d like to build a initial Drupal project that stores and classifies government documents. Government documents are a great content sample that are freely available to download and more than likely I should be able to redistribute them, though I will have to look at the official licensing.

Additionally, government documents are great for classification through taxonomies. Most of these taxonomies are already created through years of practice, but I can create more through my own discovery process.

Ark of the Covenant

As a clever name, ‘Ark of the Government’ popped into my head.

In the Hebrew tradition, The ‘Ark of the Covenant’ is the gold box used to transport the Ten Commandments while in Exodus from Egypt.

This is a gross oversimplification and abstraction, but in this way the ‘Ark of the Government’ can be the storage vessel for government documents and rules of all sorts.

A Promise is a Promise

Additionally, in Hebrew tradition ‘covenants’ are crucial agreements between YHWH and His people. “Follow these rules and I will reward you with rainbows and such.”

Otherwise known as ‘Social Contracts.’

So if I wanted to take this project further, this web project could be used to example the relationship of States and their people, and the promises kept between these parties. As a rudimentary starting point this can examine the vague ethos of the ‘American Dream’, but then also expand more critically to include contracts like the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights.’

This website could be used to examine these contracts on a global scale, based on the documents created by the governments and how those laws are carried out in practice.

Getting Started

But for now this is just an exercise to set up and deploy Drupal.

The domain is available, and the phrase is not general used elsewhere.

I’ve purchased the domain and will set up the other social avenues depending on my interest and success.

First steps are installing a Drupal 7 environment locally, and then creating a staging environment with a CI deployment chain.

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