For Hire


Here is a list of my experience and skills, in order of ability and interest.

My resume should also cover most of it:


I’m generally available for 10 or more hours a week during nights and weekends. Hourly rate typically starts at $150 an hour. I can be financially flexible depending on the project’s complexity and duration.

Ruby on Rails

I’m very familiar with the full-stack MVC pattern in Ruby on Rails. I do this every day in my job as a Software Engineer at Framebridge (a major Spree e-commence site). We also use CoffeeScript and AngularJS 1.x in our stack.

WordPress Plugin Development

Previously, I was a senior backend developer at WebDevStudios, a very popular WordPress agency. I have a lot of familiarity with the WordPress dev API and REST API.

WordPress Theme Development

I have about 8 years in WordPress theme development. At CHIEF I made the theme for for the World Bank. My favorite starter theme is Sage, which I spoke about this summer at WordCamp DC.

JavaScript and React

I have a bit of experience with React. In 2015 I built a WP REST API theme I called ‘Prism’. Needs some work, but it’s all documented here

Drupal 7 Migrations

I did two major Drupal migrations while at CHIEF for and I have a Computer Science degree, and I’m extremely comfortable with database management and complex queries.

DevOps and Server Administration

I like building servers for fun. I currently have a 4GB Digital Ocean Ubuntu 16.04 instance I affectionately call ‘Groucho’. On there I run a number of my sites, and also support software including: and (GitLab!) among a few others. I’m very comfortable installing and configuring nginx and apache set ups, and working in the long term towards a mastery of Docker, Chef and AWS.

On the Horizon

I recognize the industry need for these skills, so over the next few months I’ll be working on building these skills:

  • Drupal 7+8 Site Building
  • Drupal 7+8 Module Development
  • iOS Development

Let me know if any interest collaborating! Cheers!

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