Project: Scrapcal


Here’s a new idea for a project I call ‘Scrapcal’.

In my analog life I have a big wall calendar made up of a torn up desk calendar. It takes up a whole wall in my bedroom and it is about 66″ wide by 66″ tall.

Every day is about the size of sticky note and is a fantastic tool for planning for the months ahead. The orange week in March is a springbreak roadtrip vacation, the two green weeks in May are a possible ‘workcation’, etc.

After every month is complete, I want to add photos to each day, celebrating milestones or just great memories. When the year is complete, the months can be taken down into a scrapbook of sorts, that can be revisited in the future with a ton of great memories already to go. Hence the name: ‘Scrapcal’.

I tried using my inkjet printer to print the day photos, and that was fine enough, but not great. You can see the concept and some of the streaks in the photo below.

I’d like quickly photoshop each of the images I use to add a white day number to the top right corner, along with other small adjustments. It is trivially cheap to print high quality 4×6″ photos at a place like Target for 16 cents each.

I tried doing these quick changes in Illustrator, but it was tedious.

So, obviously a web app can do this.

The Scrapcal app will be a small Rails (and probably React) app that will allow users (mostly me and my girlfriend, Heather) to upload photos, and by reading the meta data, automatically build a graphical calendar in the browser, along with create the 4×6 images for download with the day number auto generated.

There could ultimately be other features to like:

  • Scaling and moving the photo
  • Adding a caption
  • Adding Stickers and other foofoo stuff (Font Awesome?)


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