Week 46 Review

Here is a weekly review of November 12th to November 19th, 2017.

Pretty standard week this last week.

Been meaning to fix up the Miata soft top and finish the Lynda.com Rspec course for weeks now. Haven’t been able to wrap up either of them.

Major Accomplishments

  • Been hovering above 180 lbs; hope to hit 179 next week
  • Went to our first event at the Lincoln Theatre to see Puddles’ Pity Party.


  • Went to Drupal on Monday at CHIEF.

  • Went to Ruby on Thursday at Optoro.
  • Saw Puddles on Friday.


  • Made some progress on the Miata soft top.
The pad used to clean the plastic is super gross, so something happened.
I’m just not sure it made a difference though.
  • Hung up the calendar wall
  • Sewed patch on to jeans
  • Moved grocery list to Trello
  • Added bread, milk and Ovaltine into diet.


  • Freelancing
  • Ruby and Elm

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