This week was the 9th week of 2018. It was also the first full week after a busy month of travel to Lexington, KY for Framebridge, and San Antonio for Heather’s ATP conference.

For a few years now I’ve been wanting to wake up and start my day at 5am. For some reason this week it finally clicked. I get to bed by 9am, wake up at 5am, and typically go for a run first thing.


I also ran all seven days right away in the morning. I’ve rarely run more than two days in a row – never seven – and typically during lunch or later in the day. Previously I was running pretty hard, peaking at 6 or 7 mph. This was creating blisters and exhausting me beyond a healthy capacity. This week I ran at a solid 5 mph for 25 minutes and had a 5 minute cool down. I should be able to sustain this as a consistent habit for the foreseeable future.

Meet Ups

I finally launched my ‘Rockin Ruby’ meet up after months of planning. I’m hoping the first event will be in April, at the Rockville library.

I also attended the Kubernetes meet up in Georgetown on Monday. I had to leave part way through, but it seemed very technically thorough and not too heavy in sales.

k8s presentation at Eastbanc Tech


Say ‘Yes’ to the Blouse

Heather defends her dissertation in two weeks and she wanted to by a nice outfit for her presentation. She had a vision for button up shirt with a specific emerald/jade green – her favorite color.

We had never been to the Westfield Montgomery Mall about 3 miles from our apartment, so we took a 3 hour quest on Saturday afternoon to find our prized garment.

I believe we went into every available store. Literally every good candidate store. We couldn’t find what were looking for, but we pressed on. Finally, we stopped at Ann Taylor, the last store in our search. There we found it, the perfect green shirt! No photos currently exist of the shirt, but we did get this cute photo of us with our prize.

She defends in two weeks! This culminates her 5 year grad school adventure.

After 3 hours we finally found our prize.


During the mall adventure I also introduced Heather to one of my favorite Internet memes after I thought one of the Nordstrom mannequins was mocking me.

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