This week was the 16th week of 2018.

Heather and I took a big trip to RailsConf in Pittsburgh! Here are some quick highlights.

Carnegie Museum

We love natural history and go to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

They have some of the best dinosaur exhibits in the world and their mammal exhibits were top notch too.

Downton Pittsburgh was a surprisingly great city with good food and amazing attractions. We saw a bit of the town, but hope to come back during the summer to explore some more.


I’ve volunteered for twice now at RubyConf in Cincinnati and RailsConf in Phoenix. It’s a great gig, you do a limited amount of customer service work in exchange for a free ticket. I actually really enjoy the work. For example during the mad dash during registration and t-shirt pick up, you get to quickly meet a ton of people. It’s a brief interaction, but usually opens the door for further conversations later.

This year I talked Heather into going along and that made the trip 100% better! This year we’re attending each other’s conferences as way to better understand each other’s fields and expertise. Plus, it makes travel much more pleasant and fun. It’s easier to start conversations with others when you already have a companion. Additionally, Heather is more likable than I am, so that takes the pressure off me. 😀

We had a surprisingly great time. The conversations with new friends was the biggest surprise. We met some great people and hope to be back at RailsConf2019 in Minneapolis.



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