‘Chip E. Wa,’ the unofficial Blugold Bird Mascot, spreads his wings for the first time on the 3rd floor of Sutherland Hall in October 2006.

Now, this is a story all about how
my life got flipped-turned upside down,
and I’d like to take a minute
– just sit right there –
I’ll tell you how I became the mascot
of UW-Eau Claire

When I entered the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire as a freshman in the Fall of 2005 we didn’t have an official mascot. We were simply called ‘The Blugolds’ with no affiliation to any animal or physical representation of any kind.

In the Spring of 2006 I joked with some of my closest friends that I could just make one; to see if it could become popular.

It was one of those jokes with some truth in it. The truth was I thought the time the ripe for change, and the right campaign could gain traction and maybe even become officially picked up.

That summer I furiously worked on creating a prototype. I worked on the 10th floor of Towers South, designing, sewing and gluing my way through hot summer nights. I started wearing it in the Fall of 2006 and started heavily campaigning in the Spring of 2007 with the debut of ‘Momentum Monday Man,’ giving signature ‘Free High Fives’ at the bottom of our giant campus hill.

Over the next few years I would update the costume and the campaign, gaining friends, enemies and notoriety along the way.

After a hard-fought and bizarre political struggle ‘The Blugold Bird Mascot’ was officially adopted as the student mascot only in 2013.

Above is only the abridged version of the story, below are a few select photos from 2007-2012 summarizing the campaign.

The full story would encompass 1000s of words and 100s of photos. Someday I’ll write the full story of the campaign, but this will have to do for now.

“Momentum Mondays” were core to the success
of the Blugold Bird Mascot campaign.